Polkana Cabinets © is one of the most leading Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinet manufacturer since 2009 in Gebze/Kocaeli Turkey, maintain its activities on 2500m² area. We use quality 3-5-6-8 and 18mm nontoxic first class row materials on the production line. It is possible to select the cabinet door options. We can provide membrane, acrylic, high gloss, lacquer and aluminum frames on all our cabinet doors. Most importantant protective element of the cabinets is PVC edge band. This band is used as 0,40mm – 0,80mm – 1,00mm and 2,00mm for our products.

Our main goal to meet our customers the Polkana’s speed and reliable structure to create more value. Quick and safe transportation process makes us the most preffered supplier against our competitors.

We have capacity to produce standard and customized bathroom and kitchen cabinets. We know that the design is the king on our market and we can both provide our own designs and our customers’ design. Contact us for more details.

Vision and Mission

Our main objective to establish long-therm relationship to our customers and partners in local and international area to create value on our market. Gulf Area, Balkan Countries, Turkic Republics and European Market are our target sections.

Environment-Sensitive, human-centered and customer-oriented view of us provides more power on production, packaging and transportation.

We know the fact that it is a must to chatch the trends on the globalized world and we renew ourselves day by day to be updated.

We invite you to take a trade journey with us.

Polkana Cabinets is one of the official brand of Polkana Project©.